Building A Society of Responsible Girls and Women

We are dedicated to empowering girls and young women who have been forgotten.
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Ensuring the girl child is noticeable in a male dominated society

In September 2022, Mrs. Ruth Akoth took a momentous step towards liberating adolescence from harmful practices through education when she founded the Forgotten Voices Foundation. Her journey from a challenging upbringing in Uriri sub-county, where she witnessed gender-based violence within a polygamous family, was a source of inspiration.

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We are open to support, however little, from donors and volunteers to help liberate the girl child against harmful practises

Activities of the Program

1.    Positive self-esteem growth program

2.    Leadership development mentorship program

3.    Guidance and Counseling.

4.    Tuition activities for the girls.

5.    Provision of the basic items to girls.

6.    Feeding programs for the vulnerable families.

7.    Entertainment program and talent searching.

8.    Paying school fees for the girls education.

9.    Rescuing girls and women against harmful practice in our rescue centre.

10.  Kitchen gardening and small business entrepreneurship training.

11.   WASH training and  environment conservation.

Challenges Facing the Program

1. Young girls being exposed to early marriage especially to old men.

2. Inadequate knowledge on women and girls as self-managers.

3. Forceful female genital mutilation.

4. Undermining female gender in the community.

5. Inadequate and scarcity of water for sanitation and domestic use.

6. Inadequate and inaccessibility of learning institution leading to girl’s school dropout and even no school attendance at all.

7. Negligence and carelessness of many parents due to lack of knowledge.


We strive to break the cycle of harmful practices done to the girl child

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